Monkey Warhol – Heartbreaker

Artist: Monkey Warhol
Title: Heartbreaker
Keywords: electronic, Lobith, 8kbps
Label: 8Ravens

Monkey Warhol just elevated its artist status to one of the greatest and coolest by having a awesomely good release out on the well known and incredibly legendary specialty of a netlabel ‘8ravens’. The only label in the entire world entirely dedicated to the 8kbps sound & surprisingly the poppy sound of Monkey Warhol comes completely to its right in this colorful Lobit style!

This special release which is absolutely free for anyone with a (bad) internet connection starts with a deliciously good tune named ‘Aorta’. One that will speaks to synthpop rockers who love to hear their funky baselines drenched in that cool fuzzy sound & bang their heads along the cool beats! Monkey Warhol’s Aorta is like melodic game music from the good old days; cool and spunky!

Another fantastic tune that will guaranteed makes you happy is ‘Loop Recorder’. With a massive cool attitude Monkey Warhol is rocking out with great melodic poppiness and a rhythm that sounds like it’s been able to withstand the data compression of old fancy dialup modem connections! So awesome!

Lubb-Dupp has this late at night feel of drinking alone at a bohemian bar because of a heart breaker situation. Somehow time will pass and thanks to Monkey Warhol it will pass in a reliably relaxed way that makes emotional thoughts drop to the background & the music all the way towards the front; cheers to that!

‘Murmur’ takes the step even one level deeper, as if the lonely alcohol consumption has taken its toll and we can just be alone and hear our own mumbling thoughts in music form. Somehow it’s the perfect soundtrack to come up with an idea or a glimpse towards figuring out a situation. A more positive vibe can be heard in the still shimmering tune named ‘pacemaker’, one melodic minimal track that feels right for a detective soundtrack to find out solutions, connect the dots and will be ready for a set of action on a new bright and sober day! Monkey Warhol’s Heartbreaker will somehow provide the super glue to glue a broken heart together & isn’t that fantastic?

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