Reptilians From Andromeda – Groove Overdrive

Artist: Reptilians From Andromeda
Title: Groove Overdrive
Format: tape / digital
Keywords: experimental turkey ambient dronefran ashcroft garage goth industrial no wavenoise post-punk post-rock İstanbulNewcastle Upon Tyne

Reptilians From Andromeda are back & this time they seem to be dressed in black. I’m not sure if they are wearing black, but somehow the music makes me feel like that, although it might actually be a hippy print with colorful spirals. Maybe not colorful but in all kind of black and grey tints…

anyway enough fashion speculation; Reptilians From Andromeda sound like they have swallowed a firm amount of whatever Jefferson Airplane had been drinking & merged it with their own cocktail of reptile noise rock. They sing that they come from another reality and there is no doubt about that when I hear them; honestly I believe them upon their word. I might be a bad reporter or news investigator, but just how they sound makes me not only wonder what colors they wear, but also if they are somewhat stuck in between two dimensions; one here and one somewhere in a world where these reptilians have taken over the place.

Somehow they also sound sexily dangerous, as if every sound and word is like lipstick that is poisonous. Ready to kiss your ears until you will have foam popping out of your mouth and your eyes will both be whiter than egg-yolk. Somehow I imagine them happily and actively dancing over our dead bodies, nicely rocking out by pulling our hairs and using them as guitar strings, our skulls as drums and the rest as their carpets to step over.

The strange vocal way is like a tease of material that feels like a kind poison that they are too laid back for to use, but do threaten the ears like a sarcastic cat playing with a mouse (or the other way around ((like Tom and Jerry))) and the music goes along, giving this impression that Reptilians From Andromeda are not here so much to make you happy, but rather to feast on your intestines and drink your blood from appropriate wine glasses. But they don’t do this while standing still, they do this in reptilian honor of devastating groove that could be as swinging as a coffin parade at your nearest gothic funeral:

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One Response to Reptilians From Andromeda – Groove Overdrive

  1. children of the ickey davey. dont be scaled.

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