Carbuncle –  Shit Cut Into Thin Lines and Snorted Through a Bendy Straw

Artist: Carbuncle
Title: Shit Cut Into Thin Lines and Snorted Through a Bendy Straw
Keywords:experimental grindcore hardcore new wavenoisecore punk sludge metal Alliance

Carbuncle brings a funny release with short tracks bundled under the clear title of Shit Cut Into Thin Lines and Snorted Through a Bendy Straw. The album title is basically a great notion of what to expect; it might sting a little when snorting it all up but you might gain something from it too. Being either energized by it or tickled into humorous ridiculousness. With titles like Titty fucking Satan, accidental Penis and Bleed Cum it’s hard to keep up a straight face when these crumbled grindcore-ish comedic material parades into your ears.

Somehow the music makes me think of a big bear on edge, maybe with one claw stuck in a bear-trap, epically swinging it around while the pain triggers it to growl even harder; perfectly delivering the right panicky pitch of anger and on the edge lunacy to these short outburst of sound.

One paw on the drums, perhaps banging with its head against the wall, roughly playing the rocking guitars as if they had been lit on fire & there is only very limited time to play them before they turn into useless ashes.

Everyone should listen to this, just because it includes a fantastic cover version of Rock Lobster by B-52. Its lots of manic fun and even got the melody right to the point that it becomes insanely sane. At first it feels like it’s being played by a group of contributing meowing cats, but the fanatic bear voice will take over and successfully delivers this song readiness to be shoved in some rich record label’s ass. Perfection at its finest!

Also ‘crab uncle’ is worth the notification. This tune is so hard that when played to your nearest uncle, there is a big chance the uncle will shit himself. Don’t do it without wearing a pecker on your nose, unless you like to smell the consequences. Watch your step otherwise you might step and slip out of some slippery poop, eventually making the situation not only uncomfortable for your uncle, but also a risky risk for yourself; you might end up in the hospital covered in uncle’s feces.

The final track that carries the same name as the release starts of like most of the tunes; with a high beep of feedback before turning super gritty and unforgivable angry. It’s like someone is sawing off your teeth while the bear is shouting in your ears before shooting up into a sporadic speedy frenzy. The raw guitar solo is ready to break your neck in order for you to easily head-bang to it. Carbuncle simply thought about it all!

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One Response to Carbuncle –  Shit Cut Into Thin Lines and Snorted Through a Bendy Straw

  1. Best album title of 2017 so far.

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