Tango Mango – Tango Mango (2000 – 2006) (NJMP3-0154)

Artist: Tango Mango
Title: Tango Mango (2000 – 2006) (NJMP3-0154)
Keywords: industrial, minimal
Label: Noise-Joy https://archive.org/details/@alexspalding&tab=uploads

Some excellent news; the defunct netlabel Noise-Joy who operated in 2006 towards 2007 with physical releases dropping in 2008 and 2009 has been (with exception of a few who didn’t wanted to be resurrected) popping up now (2017!) on the well known archive.org website. Creative director, initiative taker, collector and general manager Alex Spalding has proudly used his days to put them all up for your entertainment and of course educational purposes.

There is no better way to start celebrating and diving into this gigantic collection than listening to a classic Noise-Joy release that starts instantly with a nice fuck to Santano. Especially when the juicy sounding Tango Mango is doing the fucking in sound form, so we can listen along like the true perverted peeping tom’s that we are. Tango Mango’s session is a session that feels a bit like a bad trip (for Santano) with a typical English speaking voice who goes on a smooth rampageous overdrive along with the glimmer, glitter and gutter glamour of guitar fuzz and Noisy spectacles. It ends with electronic drops of beeps, to me resembling lots cum drops, but here probably suggesting that the Santano had been screwed successfully.

To celebrate, Tango Mango creates a very happy sounding party under the flag of ‘Love Special’ with cute rapid electronic-folk, a rampant stepping kick and a dark manly voice to balance the sweetness overload out & making it into a highlight in my career as a listener. Never heard anything like this, so euphoric, creamily happy and yet creepy at the same time. The female yell at the final highlight is the most disturbing thing ever to be heard; what a noise & what a joy! Such a thrill! It’s like being a survivor of a birthday party celebrating the age of a really good humorous psychopath.

With ‘psion’ it’s like the happy psycho is going for a intensive speech while toasting on a future of computer pixel games and earthly suffering versus destruction. I imagine the artist hanging on a bar stool with whisky in hands announcing criminal plans to a group of attentive listeners all willing to applause and cheer. A bit like a collection of baddies from a comic book listening to the joker before going on a rampage of tormenting action in Gotham city.

Last track on this classic release is Zoidx which alienates the cute electronic square sounds that makes normally the sound of chiptunes so cute and sugary, into one that is more gruesome, dark, nasty and gruesome. The Tango Mango leans his voice to the mix of melodic nastiness which rapidly transforms into a organ-like expression that could kill someone’s ears if they had sensitive ones. Still the amazement and bewildering amusement of listening to something so open minded and original -thanks to the genre box ‘noise’ providing a lot of freedom- the most purest creation wins it with excitement over fear! If anything, Tango Mango really honored the name of the defunct yet resurrected label ‘Noise-Joy’. Hear and grab this goody over at the following link:

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