Mystified – Morning City


Artist: mystified
Title: Morning City
Keywords: Ambient/Drone/New Industrial
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

Down To The Pier

The day has finally come. We’ve waited all year for this. A holiday on a island. But first we have to get to our boat at the end of the pier. The clinging of the ships bell lets us know the ferry to the island is ready to leave, so jump on board!

On The Fire Escape

Ominous metal scrapes, dripping water and machine sounds predict a hazardous adventure on our ferry. It looks like it has sunk and we have to get out. Thankfully we manage to find a flight of stairs on the other side of the room and slowly climb up to a hatch.


When we get back on the deck we see a warzone before us. All the freight has shifted from on side of the ferry to the other, leaving in enormous mess. We still can distinguish some car parts between the shifted crates. Luckely everyone had to go to their cabins and are not allowed to stay in their cars. We sit down a while to take a breath.

Reflecting Metal Cycles

But what do we do now we’re not able to sail any further. We’re not going to sit is despair, we need to help the other occupants and the crew. We climb down towards the engine room and are baffeled to hear the engines still producing their repetative sounds. Then we hear a light sound coming from beyond a wall. It is synchronous with the engine sounds and draws us nearer to the wall. It must a compartement where the crew resides. Slowly making our way forward through the mud filled room we make it to the next door.


When we open the door a large flood of water comes in the engineroom. We are under water. All sounds now feel very moody and it is hard toget to the top of the room to take a breath of moist air before diving back in to get to the door once again. Between the water sound we hear electric sound. We need to get out of here as fast as possible before we are electrocuted. We manage to open the door and see the crew is allready going up a ladder.

On The Fire Escape Reprise

Via this fire escape we get to the other side of the deck which is directly on the opposite side of the crates we had been before. That moment we see another ship coming along side ours and it takes us on board. We are set of on the island and hope we can forget this hazardous adventure.

Industrial District

Being set of in the largest city of the island we need to go through the industrial disctrict to reach our destination. We are surrounded by industrial noises, machine working, metal being hammered and trains coming in and out.

Storm Sweeps In V2

When we are finally on open land and out of the city we have our final setback. A large strom sets in and drives us high up the mountain adjecent the industrial district. As all stroms it starts out very small but ends enourmous.

Sun Thru Afternoon Window

Luckely we went in the right direction and find our cabin we’ve rented. When the storm calms we can finally enjoy our vacation.


As with almost all mystified albums, it is up to the listener to interpret what they’ve heard and make a visual representation of it. This was mine, hope you’ll have another. The way the tracks are made show every sign of a great artist at work. Not only that, but he is also one of the most humble persons you’ll ever meet!

Just by/listen to this adventure at the following stations:

Spotted Peccary

Microsoft store






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