Harsh Noise Movement – Hard Bop

Artist: Harsh Noise Movement
Title: Hard Bop
Keywords: experimental free improvisation free jazzharsh noise harsh noise wall harshnoiseharshnoise wall hnw United Kingdom

Let’s take a tour starting with a quick oversight of the town and the city. Harsh Noise Movement makes it sound like both the town and the city hate each other, the producer puts on a underlining creepy baseline that is simple and clean & yet seems to be able to step underneath the veins like a creepy crawler that provides some serious tension. Above it it’s gets all bloomed up and camouflaged with a fine collection of different noises fields; it’s keeping the town and the city separated and somehow that sounds like a good thing; nobody gets slaughtered.

Harsh Noise Movement takes the Movement into a whole new edge and direction by adding a jazzy sexy sax to a mysterious sounding drone. It feels like something awfully nightmarish is about to happen and indeed this instinctual feeling is answered by a orgasm of pure audio highness that is mostly tormenting the ability to hear higher tones, while the midrange bulge of crackles are suddenly our friends to hide in & find shelter under. Night Terrors this little adventure is called & concerning the sound the title is justified.

After this Harsh Noise Movement brings another surprise, the album title track ‘hard bob’. A lounge track with a laid back bebop rhythm and a soulful bass. On the mix little snippets of freestyle jazzy bits, getting juiced up with a awesome mix of noise that is not overruling or disrespecting the genre, but rather complimenting it, giving it a new life for now and into the future. Another work ‘Temporary Chaos’ underlines this concept by mixing harsh noise with calm freestyle jazz, creating a brand new genre that possibly would be able to piss off the parents of the elderly rebellious jazz generation as well as the old school rebels themselves. Somehow I believe a new generation of Jazz noise fanatics will be hooked on this stuff; cool hats on & middle fingers up in the air…

With ‘autumn falls’ Harsh Noise Movement takes off the jazz and the noise, proving a nude saddening shimmering piece of baseline-ish melody with sensitive minuscule melody waving around it. Some backwards piano bits can be found, giving the entire piece a nice heavy weight. After the sensible human side of Harsh Noise Movement he throws in some jolly goodness in a track named ‘evening mist’ in which happily swinging drums team up with a enthusiastic sassy flute and loud noise to become fairly enthusiast about! It’s music to throw a party too, nicely nervous and fun.

For a more wise and respectful approach towards the sacred wisdom of Jazz Harsh Noise Movenent throws in a pretty work called ‘celestial knowledge’ in which a nice bland of experimental electronically manipulated music forms a loving soundtrack for a sampled David Liebe Hart-ish voice to speak over & a forcibly nice example at the end of the producer showing off his personal solo “jazz” instrument ‘the harsh noise’. What a sound & what a gentleman!

Serene Fusion featuring Akano Shibahito on a sassy saxophone and Harsh Noise Movement as a octopus on the other things. The swinging stable drum gets a nice noise show thrown towards it, sometimes giving space and at other time meowing like a horny cat. With this Harsh Noise Movement shows it’s politeness & with its final work ‘for gabi’ a loving sweet kindness gets revealed; a kind piece of piano droplets that feels like it’s made for a child to sleep with. (It also works for adults…) in any case ‘Hard Bop’ isn’t so hard, if anything it’s a feast of Harsh Noise Movement showing a sensible, respectful, loving side of mostly experimental Jazz noise music!

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