AxBxNx – Bat Nipples

Artist: AxBxNx
Title: Bat Nipples
Keywords: AxBxNx, conceptual, glitch, 8ravens, lo-bit, 8 kbps
Label: 8ravens

Applause, a big applause for the incredible release by the phenomenal sounding AxBxNx! In a short session AxBxNx impresses with its impressive arsenal of impressionistic tracks. It starts with the incredible ‘waiting room clap society’ a fierce minimal piece that with extremely limited ingredients manages to put out a clear distinctive work of claps and even manages to infiltrate a sassy low sliding melody in there; such class, so much detail in such little time! Just completely worth to stand up on your chair for and clap your hands red from pure adoration; bravo! Bravo!

But don’t clap too loud or too long as otherwise you might miss out on the actual people clapping in the clapping waiting room. A spectacle for the ears that thanks to the obviously insanely good production skills are sounding like claps you had never thought claps would sounded like! It’s as if AxBxNx opens your eyes by putting ideas in your head and giving than completely different sounding expectations; such trickery only a professional can achieve!

Of course this also deserves a long standing ovation, but it’s best not too as otherwise you might miss the highlight on this release ‘the sound of dropping bat nipples’. It is so unexpected and unprovoked & I’m sure that when you woke up this morning you really wouldn’t have a clue you might be listening to falling bat nipples! It’s fun how life works it’s mysterious ways these days, right?

The final amazement can be reached by listening to the ultimate end of any release ever created! A sound work named ‘rabbid droppings engine’. A wonderful track that picks you up by the ears (as if you had gigantic Easter bunny ears!) and pulls you up in a nice stretching way! It’s like yoga for the ears basically! Or at least something like that… spectacular!

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