Katie Belle – My Church (Maren Morris cover)

Artist: Katie Belle
Title: My Church (Maren Morris cover)
Keywords: singer songwriter, country, pop
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Can I get a hallelujah for Katie Belle’s cover of Maren Morris’s ‘My Church’? I would really much appreciate it cause damn this Katie has a good voice & a good sense of humor too. How I know that? Well the knowledge of her voice being good comes from listening to it, the observation of her having a good sense of humor comes from watching the last bits of the video clip that comes along with this cover.

She thanks a lovely kissing dog for doing a good job in her video and her own self-presence that seems like she is having good fun making it & singing! I don’t know, it’s those little things that you can see and find out by watching her flirty video clip; one in which she mixes a Alice in wonderland tea party session with herself (and cute dog) including fancy dress and a pretty teapot & cups with a more laid back side in which she drops the dress for pants; practical for a lazy fishing session and some sleepy fixing of a engine of a car! How cool is that!?

The twinkling in her eyes when she opens her mouth to sing is another joy to be picked up. Normally when there is a video of a song you feel it’s lip synced, but somehow Katie Belle gives the impression that she is actually singing the song while the camera is rolling. Just the joy in her eyes when she sings about singing is enough to make you feel like we are finally dealing with a genuine singer, someone who has not only the voice and a nice taste, but also doesn’t take herself all too seriously; knows how to make fun along the way… This kind of singing singer songwriter is appealing and almost a rarity these days, so I feel like that earlier requested Hallelujah is justified.

For more information and songs you can check out her reverb nation account:

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