Pancake Promises – Advert Songs

Artist: Pancake Promises
Title: Advert Songs
Keywords: adverts electronic advert advertising jingles cheesejingles midi muzak outsider pop Southend On Sea
Label: Wrieuw Recordings

“Having tried but failed to crack the music business, Pancake Promises decided to turn his hand to writing jingles for adverts. However, it’s quite a crowded market, so, armed with his trusty Microsoft GS Wavetable Midi Synth sounds, he has crafted jingles for products that have not yet been advertised including Pegs, Toilet Seat Covers and Radiators, amongst others.”

This pack of super jingles starts with the best compatible work that could be useful for all multimedia productions; a fine intro!
People with podcast can use it as a intro, or it would be a great fit as a introduction tune for a public announcement or could even function as the entrance music for the head of a micro state! There is a good use for it for many occasions and productions.

The smartly done ‘Meat Nappy’ is another tune that could function as a sales jingle for whatever a advertising agency could come up with. But I’m all honesty, it would of course benefit the product of a actual ‘meat nappy’ the best. With quirky delight Pancake Promises will sell out all your meat nappies in no-time thanks to his excellent skill to produce catchy material that is cute and appealing.

Nothing goes too far or is too difficult for Pancake Promises, he even makes ‘Animal Garden Ornaments’ sell like pancakes on pancake day! With a loving midi sound and feel Pancake Promises gives that beat a tightness no customer would be able to refuse & a fluted melody that will melt anyone from the core of their hearts; everyone will be emptying their wallets in exchange for Animal Garden Ornaments when Pancake Promises is done with them!

Favorite jingle on this release must be ‘Toilet Seat Cover’, it has this great joyful sound and irresistible cowbell salsa feel which will turn every listening listener in a dancing joyfulness – all full of smiles, clapping and moving while searching the whole planet in order to purchase tons of wonderful happy making toilet seat covers! Toilet seat covers are the bloody best!

Matching Bath and toilet mat set’ brings more love to the table, having the pair together must be like peace on earth! Pancake Promises kicks that beat like a true salesperson who sticks its feet into the door when a person opens & knows how to convince with a great charm and a trustable childishness. With a happy trumpet Pancake Promises makes you feel delighted and excited; it can only be better when you listen to this jingle while being in a bathroom with a actual fitting bath and toilet mat. Happiness!

Pancake Promises hits the right energetic sparks with the jingle for ‘Coathanger’. It will make you feel like a healthy sports freak; super in shape and in good form! With this happy active ‘coathanger’ tune the coat hanger status gets leveled up towards Olympic goodness! If you don’t own a coat-hanger you are missing out is seemingly the underlying message Pancake Promises is implanting! So much energy! Way cool!

Also fun is the jingle for ‘turnip’ a much adorable sound that feels like it’s embracing the cuteness of Turnip and making it adorably sellable. Even the under the table product ‘pegs’ gets a lovely treatment by Pancake Promises with a very cool and colorful look and feel. When listening to this jingle and seeing ‘pegs’ it’s as if pegs are just as cool as motor jackets and roller-skates! The coolest!

No product is out of range for the talented skills of Pancake Promises, even the hardcore difficulty of making a ‘Psychedelic Radiator’ appeal to a wide audience is something like a piece of cake for Pancake Promises. The entertaining producer even knows how to sell ‘the end’ with a respectful ‘Power Down’ track, perfectly engineered to fit at any situation that comes to an end. In fact this advert tune comes on time as this is also the end of this review! I hope you would play this happy and quirky release until the final end! The release comes with stunning artwork by the one and only talented Matt Mazur (of the Caring Babies!) and the touchy drawings in the fantastic synced video clips created by Mister Pancake are by someone named Kai Nobuko. If this doesn’t sell and make it big time then I wouldn’t know what else to do! Hear and obtain these lovable advert songs from the following link:

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