Total E.T. – Universenses

Artist: Total E.T.
Title: Universenses
Keywords: electronic experimental ambient industrialnoise
Label: focused silence

Total E.T. brings you on a wonderful trip to many of his known universes. A trip that you don’t need to anything for; no need to pack your bags or wait in line. You just plug yourself in and let Total E.T. provide the wondrous sounds that will magically transport you into uncommon grounds that being that, sounds practically familiar and not at all scary. It’s a adventure of strange corridors and sightseeing through your third eye by the information being imported through the ears.

It’s a journey of colors, a orgasmic delight of smoke and mirrors, of things you have never heard before and yet feel so completely safe in. It’s as if Total E.T. Knows what you want to hear and see, sneaks you behind the magical curtain and provides the scenes you are calmly wowed away by. It’s like a dream, one which is tough to describe because it’s unlike any dream you had before; some scenes are flimsy thin like a veil of mystery & others are more thick and dense; but the feeling of safety and trust is the one that dominates every corner of this magical trip and psychedelic brainwave adventure.

Through lovely lanes of wooziness, to fresh watery fountains of an alien origin; all is beautifully breathtaking and pretty far out of the box of your average music or sound experience. The entire flight isn’t even sounding like a flight; more like you entering a different dimension and doing this in some kind of out of body experience. With Total E.T. as your wordless guide and host you will have nothing to worry about while moving in unknown worlds in unknown ways; we have been here before even though we haven’t! But for sure it’s all beautiful!

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