Greg Bisby – R.U. ready 2 Rock?

Artist: Greg Bisby
Title: R.U. ready 2 Rock?
Keywords: experimental indie lofi outsider pop weird United States
Reviewer:Simon Hit

Greg Bisby must have been a busy Greg, his ready to rock release sounds like it had been juiced up on a weird experimental cocktail that might be pretty harmful towards your health, but pretty much beneficial towards the creative process. The first song on it is sounding the most sober, a descent song with wonderful sung words and music that most young performers would die for; a classy act of song making and writing all awesomely executed with evidence of a slight delirium going on. Or at least that’s what it seems to convey over from over where I have been standing; the inside therapy room at the local lunatic asylum, cause they have a good set of speakers!

After being intrigued and rolled in like a fish who just got stuck on a hook attached to a fishing line; the next parts of this release are of a different order. There is some singing and song structure, but it never becomes the rocking master piece as it’s openings work, instead it made me wonder many times if those classy speakers finally gave up on life, or that simply braincells had walked out unable to decipher what was coming into my ears.

Nonetheless i liked what I heard and heard what I liked, even so much so that I wanted you to attempt to hear what I liked in order for you to perhaps like it too. (Or just to test out if it’s really these speakers that screw up the sound, the result of braincells taking a hike or that the sound is a conceptual masterpiece that will get us all up on our toes, scratching our heads and wanting to scrub out the ears with cotton brushes and green soap?

I don’t know what this music is or how to describe it without words like ‘experiment’ and ‘weird’ but somehow the stuff becomes a strange archaic cloud in which lots of things can be discovered, from the strange dealings with the voice and odd musical performances in the strangeness that is this outbound sound. On the highlighted moment I felt like I was listening to a very drunk and superbly high The Doors session that the recording artists probably tried to burn in the desert in the hope nobody would ever hear it. Yet it’s too interesting to be lost forever; which is why this Greg comes in so wonderfully – getting the credits and the fame for something that sounds like it’s been made and maintained on a bottle of absinth.

Ah, I’m very sorry to keep my notes so short; nurse Rancid called that it’s time to take my medications. Let me quickly drop the link to this wonder of a release by Greg over here:

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