Benjamin – < / 3

Artist: Benjamin
Title: < / 3
Keywords: pop electronic electropop newwave pop synthpopParis

Benjamin delivers songs that makes the hair on my arms and neck stand up, than they unrooted themselves to do a sudden fancy dance party all over my body! Benjamin sings with passion his passionate words of honesty, tears and love on top of a euphoric electro pop groove full of energy and good vibes or a sensual erotic electropop ballad. (Whatever floats your boat between them two; Benjamin got it under control!)

His vocal skills are of a mega star that could light up a room of any size! Benjamin’s touchy flair just jumps out of his music and one can only assume that when seeing him performing live; it will be a jaw dropping performance full glitter, glamour and style! The music is good spirited and up, but it’s the voice that steals the show. Fans of the Wham singer and Pete Burns (may they both Rest In Peace) might sleep a bit better at night if they knew Benjamin was here! It’s a fans wet dream as this singer songwriter will blow your head away (not with a shotgun!) with his vocal abilities & does this on a sound that is positively eighties in a fun loving smooth & sexy way.

It’s clear that Benjamin is giving all his love to his listeners and will give even more if you would listen to his songs and become the stable backbone in his (soon to be born?)fan club! Benjamin sounds so established that it made me doubt if he actually needed a write up or introduction! Hell, Benjamin should be a household name by now so better tune in before so you could show off that you are devoted to him on a early stage!

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