LOOKY LOOKY – Part Flamingo

Title: Part Flamingo
Keywords: electronic hi-nrg electro gay italo disco soundtracksynth Detroit
Reviewer: Fred Enmer

Look what’s here! It’s LOOKY LOOKY’s Part Flamingo! A delicious electronic dance fest of retroactively material with infectious tasty baselines, super tight grooves,minimal electric effective melodies and fanatic claps! Get yourself stretched out, suck on a popsicle and move like you are part flamingo! It’s like going into a time machine towards the time that electro was still good and the clubs had taste & its inhabitants wore spandex proudly!

Words are a no go for LOOKY LOOKY’s sound and feel, as they keep their danceable italo disco material on point and focused, making every tune a continuing flow of party material to get you through the day (and night!). Just feel what the kick is doing to your feet and embrace the knowledge that you will occupy the floor like a true dancing champ! Back flips, head stands and twirling around in a aerobic way! Somehow I wonder if this release might be the real reason someone like
richard Simmons hadn’t been seen in public for a lengthy time; too occupied dancing at home!

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