Dawn Tuesday – Papilionidae

Artist: Dawn Tuesday
Title: Papilionidae
Keywords: ambient dark ambient electronic musicexperimental noise Alaska

It’s always fun to discover new music and artist you had never heard from before. Even if the artist you discover isn’t exactly bringing a very fun sounding release towards your eager ears. Dawn Tuesday’s Papiliondae for example isn’t like a fun-fair ride filled with clowns and jokes, but a very serious sounding soundscape that will suck you in with its intrusive dark ambient. I say dark, but it’s not all too dark, there is a great feel of warm prettiness to it that makes it more into the grayer areas of ambiance music. With distinctive flows that fly gracefully like a butterfly through the air, all on different heights and moods this release takes over the senses in a most captivating way.

Part 2 has also a serene beauty over it, also a form of sadness; but it makes sense cause isn’t there a great beauty in sadness? Look how beautiful graveyards are and those fancy gothic clothes aren’t ugly either. Anyway, let’s not talk about graveyards and dark fashion lifestyle items but about the music this is Papilionidae. It shimmers so nicely, like a butterfly accepted that it would lose its wings after too much damaging stunts and just opens its eyes to look into the big great sky and all its green and flowery surroundings.

There is a peace to be found in the sound of acceptance, a beautiful peace that twirls in a melancholic way like a ballerina with no legs doing a dramatic dying swan performance on a shiny waxed floor. It’s intensive and breath taking, yet please I do advise every listener to just keep on inhaling and exhaling oxygen while Papilionidae plays; you don’t want to miss out the tone setting atmospheres and pretty tones that top this off so nicely. Beautiful and full of graciousness:

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    So glad this release has been noticed and it’s dark ambient beauty.

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