Rangers – Texas Rock Bottom

Artist: Rangers
Title: Texas Rock Bottom
Keywords: rock electronic experimental indie rock lo-fi poppsychedelic synth United States
Label: Doomtrip

What can I write about Rangers’s Texas Rock Bottom? It’s not about some Texas ranger wearing some hot pants with a saucy bottom in it, but a fine release of guitar orientated indie rock pop. In all honesty I don’t know much about this kind of music & if this is a off beat ‘review’ or ‘write-up’ so be it; it comes from a good heart and place & i’m hundred percent sure that the music on this release comes from a similar (but alternative) heart and place. So don’t expect musical references in this post, just some plain enthusiasm and some alternative findings of pure honesty.

The release comes with 11 tracks, with the eleventh being more than 25 minutes in length!), the general atmosphere is of classy atmospheric fluffy guitar music, with drums, bass, sunny vibes & occasionally warm vocal performances to top it off. It made me feel like my head had shrunk to a nice proportion in which no worries could be stored. The music comes with very comfortable rhythms & grooves which stays away from bad words and that deserves on its own ‘no bad words’ from me. I love the sung quote somewhere within this album ‘I sleep when I’m dead’ and am a big fan of the ‘Free Range’ tune on this release… I can’t really put my finger on it to say ‘why?’ but that’s not the point, or is it?

That’s the thing, it’s in all honesty very difficult to write a good resonating review or write up for Texas Rock Bottom, not that there aren’t any good words, it’s just that when it plays I feel it’s justified to switch of my brain and not think anymore; as if the release brings in the mood for a timeless little holiday in which brain activity can be on the lowest in order to let it just play in the ears like a good soothing lullaby.

It’s the hazy strumming sounds and here and there a crash on a cymbal that makes me think that there is no need for me to think anymore & let this band do all the thinking for me. Yes, I know; dangerous! But that’s the life of a music lover – always listening and living on the edge!

In any case I like to say that this release felt to me as a nice soundtrack for a good vacation time, hanging around alternatively on a camping listening to ‘Texas Rock Bottom’ while trying to not burn meat on a barbecue. You know, this music takes me to that state of just enough brain activity to turn around the chicken leg on time, being able to open up a bottle of beer and enjoy the sun rays pretty going along with the music of Rangers. The vocals do it for me, they come across so nice that it just makes me feel relaxed and at ease; no clouds up in the air, only blue sky! If this is what being ‘Rock Bottom’ in Texas means, than that doesn’t sound so bad at all! Roasting a pig on the fire and listen to this album and tell me it isn’t a good combination!

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