valentinavillarroel – Sin Titulo

Artist: valentinavillarroel
Title: Sin Titulo
Keywords:ambient circuit bending experimental hacking circuit recordings recordings Concepción

Stumbling upon valentinavillarroel’s Sin Titulo through the Feminiatronic website and loving it’ was exactly what had happened to me & could have happened to you too. My coincidental stumble was a good one as before I knew it I felt surrounded by the possibilities of circuit bending, electronics and music that had not been heard before. Titulo had the warm sounds of electronic niftiness all crackling and rattling in a super nice way, the only familiarities had to be something that sounded like a beat; how exciting!

I don’t know how exactly these tracks on the Sin Titulo had been made, but they come across born through pure experimentation. Sin Titulo number two has something that made me think of the higher animalistic spirit from a cyborg-mouse in heath & it sounded so alive that poking a finger towards it might result in the track biting it off in a playful way!

Sin Titulo number 3 has a much grungier sound and feel, it’s hard to explain; it’s very earthly and yet not so much. Like listening to a confusional mix of earth-dirt, a dusty turning piece of vinyl and a cat scratching the inside of a carton box; it’s pretty much something else, but you get the point!

Sin Titulo number four gives the listener a hint of warm nature of a unknown order. It takes the warm crackling feel of life as experienced in the very first Sin Titulo track, but keeps it all very dreamy, active and sweetly busy; probably a great work to play on repeat and do some active awareness-dreaming.

At the final end there is ‘Opresion’ which is another one that makes the head go in a frenzy of finding out what it is that it is hearing. The one I own made me think of a failing record player that in the end didn’t fail at all! In any case this collection of probably circuit bending experiments is sounding a bit like a positive Frankenstein creating new life forms in audio form! Let’s put up the voltage and hope to stumble upon more of them!

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