Monkey Warhol – Import / Export

Artist: Monkey Warhol
Title:Import / Export
Keywords:electronic ambient ambient noise wall digital dronedrone noise wall dystopia experimental industrialmusique concrete noise plunderphonics sound artsoundscape vapor vapornoise London
Label: SSN Technologies

If you aren’t already overdosing on a brand new dose of nobody less than the music of the one and only Monkey Warhol; maybe this one would do the trick! A delicious new pop album that would leave fans of catchy tunes feel blessed and haters of the genre also very much impressed.

With clear distinction Monkey Warhol pulled out the most remarkable album of them yet, let’s see it as Monkey Warhol’s version of Michael Jackson’s Blood on the dance floor or Abba’s ‘greatest hits’, it just has something so high up on the ladder that seated between music legendary’s finest releases ‘Monkey Warhol’s Import/Export’ wouldn’t feel left out or out of place!

The ultimate catchiness and erotic sexiness of ‘Import’ could only have been made in a massive quality studio; the hooks, the twists, the non-existing lyrics, the electric electricity that pulls it all together might be the thing radio pluggers and all-round music lovers had been waiting for!

The original use of sounds and the sound production on itself is a great hint of what the future of top quality music might be all about! Monkey Warhol takes every inch of the tune very seriously, poking both eyes out for a close inspection of pure quality control. The ridiculous plus point of this Monkey Warhol release is. The will to cross borders, experiment and als ways give its listeners something to wonder and talk about!

On the ‘export’ side of this release Monkey Warhol just sticks it to the middleman; no dealers or big time record label bosses are needed as this material will sell itself beautifully! The poppy material does not only do convincingly well on the dance floor, but it also has this clear tranquilizing drug inducing brainwaves knitted into the original production; making this not just radio worthy tunes but also the provider of free hallucinating experiences for everyone who dares to plug in! Pretty much the release of the year! Check it out:

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