Caracoa – New Middle Passage

Artist: Caracoa
Title: New Middle Passage
Keywords: bds electronic noi minimal techno urbaniteNewport
reviewer: Technicole Kiddyman

Hello boys and girls, I’m sucking on a lollipop to avoid my jaw cracking in cause I’m super tight! I don’t know if that makes sense, but you know popping mollies since breakfast till dawn like me & you will understand where I’m coming from! Anyway while my braincells are all taking a hike and dying by the minute let me quickly tell you about this release that I’m feeling right now!

It’s ‘New Middle Passage’ by Caracoa and is absolute canon power for the lovely energy that these pills are giving me! Holy smokes, cracking Caracoa is cracking me up with its arsenal of electronic beats that stomp on in a never ending way! In a minimal style this ‘New Middle Passage’ is keeping it all clean and well cut, whatever you do and no matter how fried your brain is; falling over these electric techno tracks will be as good as impossible. Even your drunk nephew would be able to spin some good looking moves!

You just have to feel it, jump on it and ride those kicks, high hats and four by four rhythms like you know what you are doing! Just go mental basically, it doesn’t even require you to have any basic grooves in your bones; it’s so to the point that anyone f*cked enough should be able to dance on this like you just don’t care! You know; super tight! And preferable high as a kite!

All the tracks are pretty much of a short time period so that might make you available for a stumble, but don’t worry; Caracoa had placed them in such a order that it is almost like a continues flow. A thing that makes the life easy for anyone who needs to bop its head, waggle it’s legs and point a finger in a rhythmic fashion; a dance session so to speak.
Here have a lollipop and the link:

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