Trixerin – Walk You Nowhere [Single]

Artist: Trixerin
Titoe: Walk You Nowhere [Single]
Keywords: alternative ambient indie lo fi pop post-rock Israel
Label: Schwarz Neon Licht Records

Now here is a single that made me pull my ears in order to make them larger from pure interest and enthusiasm! Something you don’t want to miss out on! A very lovely and intelligent sounding song by a artist named Trixerin! It’s the song that will suddenly wake you up from whatever you had been doing (I was deeply asleep!), one that will grab your attention and tickle the urge to share it with all your friends who would love to hear something new and colorful.

Hello, friends!
Please check this song out by Trixerin; knowing your taste… you are going to love it, making you feel like you have discovered a lovely golden nugget in the middle of ‘so so’ artists; someone and something to get excited about and that you want to share with your singer songwriter good music appreciating friends…

Hey dear friends, check this out!

Hmm, somehow I’m stuck in a vicious circle here; I keep writing that this will be the material that you want to pass its knowledge of existence on to your friends… you should… but before you do, you might want to enjoy it yourself as I’m sure it feels good to hear and feel this new discovery, especially before going into a good willed sharing frenzy. Spin it a bit, cherish and appreciate it that original music, with a lovely well skilled singing voice and interesting songwriting skills are not a died out thing; Trixerin just gives a bunch of happiness and hope for the musical future!

So yes I might be blabbing away in a serious state of enthusiasm, but considering Trixerin’s ‘Walk You Nowhere’ it’s pretty much on point and full surprises in the music department. It sounds so young and fresh, a modern minstrel with a arsenal of music that is fun and appetizing. The song itself has this cheekiness to it, almost like a modern day fairytale in which Trixerin (if she had the choice) would rather have stepped on her escape vehicle (a broom stick!) while leading a well willing person to a troubled outcome. It sounds like a song that would have loved to turn back time and make things undone; yet if that was reality this song wouldn’t have been born & we wouldn’t be so enthusiastically writing (or reading!) about it!

With lovely chords, a very inviting baseline and a euphoric cheeky happiness in a lovely pop format Trixerin’s warm and strong voice drops all the right notes and expressions so cheerfully. It might be a song of a little less than 3 minutes, it’s like a free sample given by a smart dealer; something you snort up and makes you eager to hear so much more! Which will hopefully happen soon, dear music-junkies, as apparently this free downloadable single comes from a upcoming album named ‘sideseeing’ which will drop hopefully next month! Anyway, (before this write up leaves you nowhere) here is a link to Walk You Nowhere:

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