_pndahed – Remember Me

“pndhead is a mysterious producer from north carolina that releases music in a brazillian label and shoots videos in vietnam”.

When these strange destriptions land in our mailbox (which is actually an online form you can fill if you want to have your stuff covered in our world renowed blog) there are allways 10 reviewer who want to review it. This time it is my turn! Sorry, got you this time guys and girls and dolls.

Actually the description says it all. It is music with a video. So what’s to review about it then. First of all, it reminds me of a video I once did (watch that one here). And the strange thing is that the only thing in common is the boat. At that point I started thinking and it led me to this video I also made. But it turned to me that this has nothing to do with anything of the  Remember Me theme.

What is it that attracts me so much in this video. After watching it a few times i realised it is the video flow with the experimental hip-hop and all the little video tweaks that make me watch it over and over.

Than I went on a search. What I found was amazing. Allthough I’m not all that of a big fan of hiphop, I do like the experimental beats.

E.g. listen to this or this. Very relaxing and pretty experimental in origin. Some of you may remember MHz_ who also made these very experimental beats abnd it reminded me a lot of him (hope you’re o.k.).

<JN> (doing the KN thingy here)

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