Emerald Suspension – Six Feet Closer

Artist: Emerald Suspension
Title: Six Feet Closer
Keywords: experimental
Website: http://www.emeraldsuspension.com
reviewer: Suspended Suzy (hi there!)

Emerald Suspension does its ultimate best to make even the most demented listener listener that plugs into its ‘six feet closer’ single not to forget the projects name. What’s it called? Emerald Suspension! With an industrial precision Emerald Suspension name drops ‘Emerald Suspension’ in such a frequent manner that only listening to this tune once, will be enough to make you mumble it in your sleep.

Also the song title ‘six feet closer’ gets a fair amount of repeat, but somehow it clearly seems to imply that ‘Emerald Suspension’ is six feet closer… closer to what you might wonder? Six feet under’ is under the ground, but six feet closer could be closer to anything; probably to your memory center ready to be stored forever.

The music video that comes along with the brain programming technique aka tattooing ‘Emerald Suspension’ on your mind is pretty futuristic. Having scenes of fluorescent tunnels, wheels, hooks stuck into meat, people dangling around, cool looking patterns, a picture of an impressive grasshopper and pure green electricity. It really fits well with the whole open-up-your-mind and let ‘Emerald Suspension’ move in.

With its industrial rhythm the consumer might simply get the brand name hammered in; if one would possible forget the project name (you really shouldn’t!) there might be a possibility that you could expect a brain error from not complying with what ‘six feet closer’ had in mind. Now that I think of it, if the brainwash session didn’t work out well I imagine Emerald Suspension tricking you into strapping on some of those nasty looking meat hooks and go dangle in the air like a human puppet… it’s gruesome, but it’s definitely ‘Emerald Suspension’… (and don’t you forget about it!)

The music video is a great tease for the album from where this tune is coming from. It’s called DIVINATION and will probably arrive shortly for the whole family to hook up with and to hang around in! Please check out the official website for updates, previews and information: (meat hooks not included!)

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