Evan Carr and Brendan James – Vivisect

Artists: Evan Carr and Brendan James
Title: Vivisect
Keywords: experimental ambient droneexperimental electronic noise soundscapeMelbourne
Reviewer: Furchick

From the moment upon receiving this CD and holding its intriguing sleeve in my hand I was mesmerised. So much love and care in the packaging and the smoothness of it it my hand transferred to my ears. What can it be? A dream state intervention. I expected an adventure in sound and I was not disappointed.

Recorded using Ableton with hardly any synths, this album is a surprise from start to finish. Falling into an awake sleep the “forgotten quarter” is a place you begin, not sure which direction it may take, we are surrounded by a bath of frog like sounds and a rhythmic clang of walking through a swamp with voices verging on a sonic bath. I felt lost and peaceful wondering where I was next to be taken. Then the “passing”, a shorter piece at around 4 minutes, with a selection of scifi like sounds that were hard to identify alongside a beating heart and some kind of key.

I have been told that most sounds were either samples, field recordings, a Kaossilator, a Stylophone, a bunch of phone apps, some noise boxes, guitar and voice. Drones were played directly from the sound devices and manipulated afterwards, explaining my difficulty with identifying sound sources. This forces the listener to let go of the real world and slip into a parallel universe, both beautiful and scary.

The addition of field recordings is curious and makes this a truly original piece of work.

The title “for my sins” had me worried for a moment, but I this was short lived once the meditative and pumping rhythms kicked in. The production is good, the lower frequencies pulsating whilst the mid and top end cut through and surprise moves above the beating heart. I am on a tug boat in the middle of a storm, the sea monsters are calling. A radio sends an SOS voice.

I didn’t know who Zeriph Khan was but now we know…. in the 1800s Khan took many perilous journeys by camel, through the wide open. One can imagine Australia’s first people guiding Khan at night and this is a soundtrack for a dark desert night.

“We have assumed control” sounds like a more positive and hopeful extension of for my sins and maybe should have been one track.

Finally….. “Dream state intervention”…. waking up to the real world.. children playing, rain or water running.. not sure, and a pulsating city scape.

A lovely work to listen to as a album. As a full art work.

I recommend this and encourage you to take a listen here:

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