Purple Johnson Blimp Situation – Live @ Jive

Artist: Purple Johnson Blimp Situation
Title: Live @ Jive
Keywords: video, pop, performance

The members of the Australian band Purple Johnson Blimp Situation had been talking about this event for decades, they had been counting the days full happy anxieties to the big day. A day not to forget and certainly to look forward for; the day they share the stage with the charming lady’s man David Liebe Hart and traveling troubadour Jonah, but also with the incredible Mandek, whose music I would love to promote but are too stunned by to find any words to type about! You know something is good, when you are lost for words; Mandek makes me speechless!

But Purple Johnson Blimp Situation? Oh lots of words for them! Haha! I love them, even though they are a mysterious group covered in mystery, you can feel them behind their masks & you don’t even need to use hour hands to do so! But than again; I’m having my mysterious ways too! In any case, that day they this trio opened up as a supporting main act of the legendary puppeteer David Liebe Hart really seemed to have make them flower up to the best of their abilities. Goth bless the people who had been in the audience that night; it must have been so truly amazing that it would be worth to set a memorable tattoo for. Someone fancy one on the forehead?

But Goth blesses the home stayers too, as to our joyful surprise Purple Johnson Blimp Situation’s performance had been captured in full on camera! And it wasn’t a shitty potato camera too! How wonderful it is this piece of technical nuttiness, being able to beam the recording of this live performance to any place and at any time to our very own eyes and ears! I stay there with milk and cookies starstruck glued to the screen while watching the group in action! My goth they have so much energy and the moves that even Madonna will be watching with a notebook to pen it all down; next Madonna show expect to see inspired purple blip dance moves! It’s going to be awesome!

Purple Johnson Blimp Situation simply inspires with their intelligent songs and synchronized movements & stage antics. It’s like going to a circus side show and being showcased two man with a blocked face & a odd fellow in the middle who loves his paperwork. What a stage presence these three have, with prominent voices they visualize a infectious choo choo train rolling around! These lads are incredible, come on, hold on to your horses; tune in and enjoy the show:


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