Convivial Cannibal – Death Dubitabilis

Artist: Convivial Cannibal
Title: Death Dubitabilis
Keywords: experimental apocalyptic apocalyptic folk beatsdark ambient drugs dub experimental electronic lofi hip hop noise outsider post-industrial sci-fi space City Of Industry
Reviewer: Simon Hit

It’s always a guess what we get send in, but guess no more as today we have ‘Death Dubitabilis’ by Convivial Cannibal on the menu. Nicely stirring around in the cannibal cooking pot for us to taste and comment about. With a large spoon I dipped into it to place it on my well scrubbed tongue aka a clean pallet. Hmm, the first taste comes with the aroma of certain atmospheric darkness. It’s the flavor of Assassins Of Our Youth that made its attendance. Some how a vision of some shit flies that fly around, clearly attracted to the smell of death appear. A magic brew of mysterious mumbling voices speak in the soundscape that suffers on my tongue, something that gets more and more euphoric in a silent way. Does this all make sense? Probably not, but I’ve never claimed to have a great taste! But the taste of death is rather distinctive and prominent over here, you got to taste it for yourself; no mouth is needed, just spoon it into your ears and let it do its thing.

Hmm, the next spoon slips up some odd substance; Population Liquid. It taste of a creepy sweet melody with radioactive voices. Not bad at all, I might spoon up some more and let it go round my mouth like a good wine. But first check out this part named ‘Society Senectitude’ which felt like a magic potion just how it kicked in! Let’s say this material made me feel like a rocking rocker rocking out with a cool beat and a rough flavor that had this sweet little twinkling twinkle on top! Cannibal soup that tasted for more!

With a good taste I took another big amount of this release and tested out a bit named ‘Curveless Crookedness’. Something I could only describe in a peculiar way; A psychedelic friendly industrial dust crust with words underneath it, nicely being invaded by a tiny bit of electricity at the end.

In case you didn’t notice; English isn’t my first (or last language) and lots of words are unknown for me. Like ‘Ichthyosis’, I’m also too lazy and paranoid to google it up like a goofball and just presume it’s some kind of skin disease. In any case Convivial Cannibal brings the experience of peeling it to the culinary audio experience. I don’t know much about peeling either, but this part is really nice and rhythmic. It’s almost militaristic in a industrial kind of way. Some voices in the end make it a bit more human; isn’t it all exciting?

The next bite of the cannibal soup of this release is oddly named ‘Hollow Cost’. I can’t figure out what it means; maybe being hollow cost you the inside parts? But the bite in audio form is quite delicious but chemical. Like a industrial flavor that had been rusting away, creating a poisonous metallic taste. Something that stays in the ears for a while, making it one of the few experiences that you can truly absorb and sink in. Is it a soup of lost souls begging for mercy?

‘ Killed By Spore’ is pretty much the most liquid sounding bite in the cannibal pot, it’s a sonic experience that feels like you have just swallowed a octopus who is still alive, moving its squishy tentacles in your mouth, all the way through your throat down towards the digestive system. It’s as if it travels all the way through the human body, and when it drops out of the anus it will kindly drops in the toilet and flushes it while the human host it’s fresh corpse sits dying.

Next testing bite is Vastness Upon Extinction, a bit that honors its title profoundly. It’s like listening to a bubbling device part of a laboratory and a sound person stepping around in a bucket full of gritty sand. It’s a intimate sounding process and when it gets infiltrated by a voice it becomes a bit disturbing. But this is nicely sorted out with the final tasty part of this cannibalistic audio soup. This part must be my favorite, a nice shimmering rhythmic atmospheric piece named ‘Monger Earth’, something that makes the dark sound of a graveyard somehow groovy! I don’t know what more to say to convince you to check it out for yourself at the following link:

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  1. Bless your black heart Simon… ❤

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