Сольвычегодск – Чай с Захаром (EP)

Title: Чай с Захаром (EP)
Keywords:punk spoken word ariergard black metal free jazzgrindcore grunge hardbop mash post-hardcorerearguard regressive saxophone speech Russia
Reviewer: Willem van O.

Lock the arms with a group of well willing strangers and spoon up this brutal folkish quick event recorded by Сольвычегодск . It features a whole array of guest speakers all saying things in Russian and it feels worth to switch passports for! Not if you are actually Russian; you can keep yours!) From children to adults, from spastic fuzz to what sounds like saxophone galore that goes easily down with some hard liquor.

Don’t get frustrated with the language barrier, as if you manage to get very drunk, you probably will understand every word that is said. I’m not very, very, very drunk yet, but getting there. In the meantime (when not being there on the same drunken level) the short outbursts of ‘music’ is self explanatory. You don’t need to be a multilingual genius to understand these outbursts, yet it helps if you are the owner of a certain taste that appreciates these kind of shorties. If quick and hasty drum rolls, and a a rapid squeaking saxophone expression with Russian spoken words are your cups of tea, you probably be slurping away with this one.
The highlight on this release must be the final track that can be found all the way at the end; it’s the most lengthiest thing and focuses more on giving a spectacle of full on energy (with a few nice unexpected resting points) to go loopy with.

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