Jomanda – song of light

Artist: Jomanda
Title: song of light
Keywords: oracle, healing, new age, lady in blue, video
Words by: Telelady

The wonderful gem; Jomanda, ‘the lady in blue’ had left her mark on a entire generation of Dutch people. They would sit in front of their radios when Jomanda would broadcast her voice through the ether, instructing the listeners to place a bottle of normal tap water in front of the radio so she could send her special powers from the studio and turn the contents of these bottles in a kind of holy water. A wonder cure for all problems and troubles.

Jomanda would teach her followers of self love; saying that if you are fat you should love yourself even if you are fat. & If you are thin, you too should love yourself; it’s all about loving yourself and filling entire halls full of people and make them feel good. Also Jomanda might have earned a well deserved living out of it as come on, who else would be able to do what Jomanda did and does?

It’s not easy to wear your costume with grace, speak in the right tone and know what to say. It also cost lots of energy to turn bottles of normal water into holy one! It for sure seems like hard work and to pull it off she for sure must be someone special and extraordinary. It’s difficult to comprehend the appealing power of a Jomanda and how half of a country got spellbound by her magical appearance.

She is a national treasure from the Netherlands that other countries should look at in full envy! But don’t! Cause Jomanda is the one who wants us to feel all together, a peaceful love that even though a controversial celebrity death (someone preferred the Jomanda water above medicine?) can still be found and felt in a cherished video in which she sings her theme song. Thanks to the power of YouTube the entire world can enjoy the highlight of Jomanda in her full outfit and pretty healing voice.

My advice is to fill up a old bottle with tap water, put it close to the screen that you receive the music video on and sit yourself in front of it. Put on the speakers and press play… can you feel the healing powers when experiencing the song of light?

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