Red Plane – Red Plane

Artist: Red Plane
Title: Red Plane
Keywords: ambient russia electronic noise Buenos Aires
Label: Nebular Silence

Taking a trip in Red Plane’s Red Plane is highly recommended. It’s a bit like a fine continuation of a lovely and interesting dream. I tuned into it at the very early hours of the morning (let’s say it was six) and it gave me the perfect buffer zone between sleep state and the one of waking up into this dimension.

It also kept me rather woozy and sleepy, much better than a alarm clock that bleeps annoyingly your dreams away, or a good pall throwing a cup of ice water in your face; Red Plane just gently delivers lovable easy going mellowness, interesting experiments and enough variety to give your sleepy brain the twinkling sparkles of interest.

But don’t think of it as ambient that just plays around, there is a energy to it and even rhythmic beats will pop up at the right time and space. The electric electrifying sounds keep the release in a modern corner even if a hand-played instrument strums in to give it that human touch.

It’s foremost a experiment in music, combining originality and familiarity together to create a flight in which you could easily settle down and be bewildered in from the fearless Red Plane that isn’t afraid to explore the unexplored in such a pleasant and intriguing way. The whole release might trigger your head, but be careful as it’s not recommended to replace it with an actual alarm to wake up too; Red Plane’s title track might actually lure you back to sleep. So lovely and smooth! Jump on board and enjoy the trip:

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