Psyborg Corp – Cryovolcano Terrorzone (live)

Artist: Psyborg Corp
Title: Cryovolcano Terrorzone (live)
Keywords: electronic, alternative, psyborg, video
Words by: Leo Obit

Like a total spy I was browsing the web for the one and only The Cryovolcano, but along the travels to search one of the best lobit artists out there, I had stumbled upon a video of something else… a band called Psyborg Corp performing ‘Cryovolcano Terrorzone’. I had to sit down for it and feel my eyes tumbling around in my skull from what the f-ness; it took me a while to believe what they were seeing!

Psyborg Corp are apparently a trio of psyborgs. Yes, psyborg! They seem to be tough fellows who are fully equipped in what looks like futuristic body armor (although some better than others) and to me it felt like they had stepped straight out of a modern day video game in which users use them to kill each other on spaceships and strange planets . It was as if these psyborgs had resisted, saying things like ‘hell no! I ain’t go running around shooting things on the commands of some nerdy gamer; I’ll break free and form a band to entertain the masses instead… how nice and brace!

Such a peaceful idea and the lack of guns or other suspected fitting killer weapons proof that these psyborgs have turned to music as their ways of getting their points across, instead of blasting away anything that moves. One psyborg seems to be the middle-point, occupying the electronic trance material like a robot glued to its job. The psyborg who provides the vocals is the most active, walking around like a warrior trapped behind a invisible wall it occupies the stage, blasting out his psyborg words into a human made microphone. The gear is impressive but it’s the hair on the back of his head that fascinates me the most. It looks impressive!

The third psyborg who is playing a guitar-like instrument (I refuse to think it’s a guitar, as these futuristic fellows might have something that is camouflaged as a guitar, but is actually a supersonic never seen before secret instrument)… Anyway this psyborg is one to pay great attention too! This band member is a true professional as somehow when the psyborg is playing and doing its thing, its armored crotch protector seems to malfunction. The protector of the psyborg center point is falling down and ultimately disappearing into thin air! This wardrobe malfunction might not have been intended, but it does deliver a nice piece of entertainment, really professionally lived-through and handled by this shooting game refugee. Anyway to make a long story short; I thought it was worth to share this peculiar proffesional trio and this recording of their performance with you. So here you go:

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One Response to Psyborg Corp – Cryovolcano Terrorzone (live)

  1. Iwashere says:

    Hey, this is dark electro\ebm.
    Anyway, this guys have pretty funny costumes inspired by Sector from MK3 😀

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