WSCNL 24/7 music, comedy, adventure! 

“Convulsia Darklove, Max T, The Dead Heads, Voodoo Owl and several other artists YIKIS has reviewed are featured on our radio shows. We are like old-school MTV meets Weird Al’s UHF meets indie college radio. This weekend is “Purple Eggs” weekend!”

Apparently someone wants us all to know that there is a new radio station around, cause why listen to things on demand if you can listen to the radio? Exactly! Listening to the radio gives you this ultimate feel of not having to press play all the time, searching for songs you like to hear or talk bullshit yourself between those songs can be a real hassle; radio, a concept of music listening that would make your life easy listening choices ‘going easy’ again!

I’m not sure who is behind this station but looking at the page I believe it’s the Dead Heads. Why do I think that? Well there is quite a bit of artwork of these Dead Heads on the radio page & somehow their artworks are pretty much stored upon the brain when you have ever had come across them. I believe that makes me not a dead head as a dead head would probably have problems storing images into its brain.

Anyway, let’s look at the description:
24/7 MUSIC, COMEDY and ADVENTURE!! Awesome, free radio shows with diverse song choices, exclusive content and crazy-fun DJs.”

Oh goodness! 24/7 music, comedy and adventure! Who needs sleep? Sleep is for losers! Somehow 24/7 exposure to music, comedy and adventure sounds like a concept of maddening torture; a radio stream used to make prisoners confess crimes that they hadn’t commit. Can you imagine them begging?

“Oh gosh, please I tell you whatever you want to hear, but please I beg you no more endless exposure to music, comedy and adventure! Oh lord, please!”

-electric chair or 24/7 music, comedy and adventure?

“Electric chair please, I beg you; please relief me from my misery of sleep deprivation, music, comedy, and 24/7 adventures!'”

Somehow I think the electric chair is a easy way out & confining every dodgy prisoner to a life sentence of listening to WSNCL (the name of the station) is a much more life changing experience. Hairs falling out, ears growing larger in the hope to be able to close themselves and other evolutionary signs of interest might happen!

Let’s take a look at the genres;

Heavy Metal – Experimental – Rock – Comedy

A nice blend to drive even the best into a modern day fruitcake. Hmm! Apparently upon my arrival I’ve heard a song by a certain David Bowie, bauhaus (the Bella Lugosi is dead song; please give me 24/7 this song!) and comedic act ‘Radiohead’. And now I’m laughing my ass of with a track named Suicide Blond by INXS! So far the comedy has been terrific but I could tune in without a prison sentence that allows me to switch off if I wanted and I also apparently missed out on a ‘real’ show!

Yes, if you move your ass over to the WSNCL page you can see all the shows with their curious artworks and times that they are broadcasted. From ‘crazy adventures and snappy songs on asparagus street’ to ‘goth moods’ all the way to a program named ‘hard ballad egg salad’; you know, things you don’t want to miss out on.

Ah now they are playing ‘specimen’s kiss kiss bang bang’ and damn ‘I’m sold!’ If the life situation happens with the choice of being electrocuted on the electric chair or listening to things like kiss kiss bang bang and Bella Lugosi is dead’s theme song I will gladly offer my seat to the next future fried chicken! Somehow I believe it’s good not to have heard the ‘shows’ yet, as that might be the material to request a lethal injection for… who knows? But let’s keep it up, the WSNCL did provide a surprising unexpected playlist and it’s pretty much making me feel like we need to come back and check out those shows! 

Prisoners, guards, executioners, lazy music lovers and modern day brave people who are wanting to explore this station, please move on to the following link:

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