Alex Spalding – Brood

Artist: Alex Spalding
Title: Brood
Keywords: electronic aromantic avant-garde chillout electroidm modern classical shoegaze Springfield

Alex Spalding has been making lots of music babies, from secretive hot material that is yet not out in public to these fine self released melodic albums that lately have been dropped on his bandcamp account. The man started once with his noise joy label, but now with his latest album he seems to show his spotlight on the joy of music.

He starts this album with the dramatic sounding titled track ‘God is dead’ which music wise makes me basically think the opposite that the title suggest. It is a sign that god exist, or at least that Alex Spalding is a god of music. He sets out and delivers a orchestral work that would suit a cinematic production in which many gods bounce their heads, drink wine and equally appreciate the composing skills of their new elevated friend.

With ‘birth’ Alex Spalding masterfully showcase its authentic skill for suspense. With a graceful tone and angelic breaths the producer holds your attention to its finest milliseconds. It opens up just like a women’s portal of life and it feels as if we are there following the peculiar smooth session; no complications but a pleasurable & relaxed birth to be impressed with.

Alex Spalding is a groove man at heart, knows his ways around the percussions and rhythm sections & that’s how he somehow makes his track ‘Dysfunction’ awesomely function-able. He goes on a adult version of electro beats freakery that would drive a OCD person probably over the edge, but all others dancing and clapping on that same edge like fearless appreciators. The end of the track feels like a bonus one; a slow tempo moment of shimmering darker material that feels to me like a good moment to remember the fallen…

The album lingers on with a minimalistic piano bit named ‘life lingers’. It’s Alex Spalding sounding at his sincerest and most frailest; this is a composer’s music mind expressing things that mouth and written words can never do justice!

The mood becomes hauntingly melancholic and at the same time even more personally daunting with ‘Psychognomia’. Alex leans his voice into it, whispering in your ears like a romantic shadow that is cooler than the night & warmer than leg-warners. Like a magic moment the Psychognomia becomes a work of rhythm and synthesized smoothness; haunting or protecting you in a daze of music.

With ‘it happened’ the composer/producer sets a scene in which the tension is wired up, a easy going thrilling nerve wrecker that would be a great backdrop for a narcissistic serial killer who looks in the mirror to pull evil faces.

Next to Psychognomia Alex also captures an epic form of strategic psychopathic intelligence in ‘psychophobia’, a worn on it’s sleeves rhythmic extravaganza that made me feel like being smashed to the floor in the groundhog days of fanatic electronics: absolutely great & strategically interesting. To top it off, there is also a ‘psychonoia’ which goes into the next level of Alex Spalding music-joy saga! With big beats, all excellently programmed like a professional professor with a magnifier and lots of detailed attention this track rolls away. Soft tones fly over to create a night rider / x-files worthy theme that grabs you by the genitals and swings it around to gather your attention.

Alex brings us a moment that makes me think of the noisier times of joy, even though the track is absolutely non-noisable! It’s called ‘Internalization’ and brews in a depth-full warm way, like a high flying aircraft on a summer’s day.
With a composition named ‘Trees’ Alex Spalding takes us away with one of the finer expressions in life; he beautifully crafted the wind doing its thing with the trees, going through the seasons with their sound of melancholically innocence; so beautiful.

But ‘everything’ is beautiful on this beautiful loaf of Alex’s exploring the joy of complete music. The ‘everything’ work is executed in a superbly dreamy and sweet twinkling sound & makes an adult into a baby cradled lovingly by the melody as their parent. A parent that just keeps giving that parental wonderful love that never seems to end. With Alex Spalding’s ‘Returning’ it unfortunately does end at the final end, but not before it’s giving one last hug in all it’s generously kind form of melodic music. In any case this brand new Alex Spalding album is one of the most grown up albums that I’ve heard. Every track, every production and composition has a clear end and a beginning; nothing feels rushed or ‘quickly fixed’ & all is a great showcase of the joy music can give you & its creator! The work of a god!

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