The Cryovolcano live on Floppy Totaal

The amazing Niek and friends have managed to setup another great floppy totaal festival at WORM, one with interesting floppy disk orientated workshops, incredible floppy performances and beautiful floppy artists, visitors and other floppy greatness! If you are excitedly searching for your agenda to pen it down and reserve the date; sorry, it has been done.

I was there (in chicken costume!) together with the one and only official YIKIS correspondent Johan Nederpel (with the legendary YIKIS hat) and gosh if you hadn’t been there; you have been missing out big time!

All the greatest artists had been there… from underground sound king Sascha Muller, the genius ingenius Irrlicht Project, the pancake dancing man graham Boosey aka ‘pancake Promises’ and one of the insane highlights of the nights “The Crying Volcano”. For most of the performances and floppy happenings the memory of the floppy disk powered camera had no space to capture it all, but luckily the insanely epic live performance of “The Cryovolcano” had somehow the right lobits to be able to store & capture it completely with the lobit cam!

How incredible it is & how proud I am to be able to pass on the word of it’s availability!
Oh yes! The Cryovolcano’s live performance has been mysteriously uploaded on YouTube, making this blissful moment of sharing it with you ‘a great reality!’ Seeing it will take you straight into the moment of action, with toxic green fluorescent highlights in a lucidly dark darkness The Cryovolcano sets out a set that you have not heard before! Including fantastic props and highlighting surprises!

Of course you had to be there, but like me being there might also mean that the vision might have been a bit blurry. Oh those floppy disks makes thirsty! So to me the video footage is like a joyful refreshment of the intoxicated brain, but for anyone else who hadn’t been there; a video to suck up and be blessed with:

<lobit leo>

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