Cousin Silas & Total ET – unexpected spacescape

Artists: Cousin Silas & Total ET
Title: unexpected spacescape
Keywords: ambient contemporary instrumental dark ambientexperimental. electronic New York
Label:Studio 4632

New Age space; the final frontier. These are the voyages of Cousin Silas and Total E.T. They give you the chance to be beamed on board and fly with them through timeless sounds between darkness and tremendously beautiful lights. Spectacular views of not yet discovered corners of the galaxy, boldly going where no man had gone before!

Be not alarmed, these two captains are the most trustworthy chaps in the ambient universe. They will avoid danger at all costs & instead will give you a smooth flight in which you can seat yourself comfortably in the cockpit and enjoy the sights that your favorite cousin and best alien friend will show you. These two professionals will make you feel relaxed in your seat as they steer your senses into magical areas in which low frequencies of bass are just as pretty as the brighter synthesized sound visions.

…At least that is what i thought the travel agency would say when promoting this exclusive trip between unknown worlds and spaces. In reality this trip isn’t for the faint hearted as even though the two experienced captains will surely fly you back into safety; some troubles (and adventure!) might come ahead with a fine unexpectedness. Possibly a unknown alien encounter that might lead the space ship into a wrong turn, close to the surface of a unexplored planet with enough potential risks to beg your mommy to beam you back into her lap for…

but please, just put on your seatbelt, sit back and trust Cousin Silas and Total E.T. as even in extremely unknown conditions they for sure know how to handle the situations with care & onboard service! They will take you on s flight you never forget and you will live to tell!

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