The Cryovolcano – 012

Artist: The Cryovolcano
Titoe: 012
Keywords: coldwave electro electronic lo-fi robot rock synthWashington

The Cryovolcano is back with a ridiculously good 12th album! The ultimate lobit project of electronic meganoids, robotic vocals and cyberpop gets a nice positive swing here. With quirky upbeat melodies and hop on bass lines The Cryovolcano rumbles the core of every electro head and lobit fetishist; this producer manages to get even the most dysfunctional genitalia wet or up and running from excitement; the mega microscopic multi million dollar spectacle simply never disappoints! The opening might be ‘another new tragedy’ in every tragedy there is simply great joy to find; the mix of emotion can be heard and felt; sadness is the happiness of the future, failure the new success!

The Cryovolcano doesn’t hesitate to shoot its laser beams of pop at your feet with the next tune on this feast of a release; DANCE OR DIE’ comes to my mind when this upbeat tune does it’s thing & obviously (cause I’m still here writing to you, dear reader) I had chosen to dance as if my life depended on it! But ah; it felt great and freeing! Dancing to ‘Dark Money’ is like Scrooge mcduck must feel when he is swimming in his money; euphorically satisfying -also it felt good to burn some calories! The Cryovolcano delivers the music and the stunning vocals & all we have to do is hook up and move our asses.

Personally I love the next tune of The Cryovolcano’s 012 pretty much the mostest. It’s called ‘Black Licorice’ and it speaks to me as if The Cryovolcano is my long lost brother and this is the music that connects our family trees together. The happy rhythmic experimental dance section is cute and innocent, danceable and fun & makes me so incredibly happy; we are all related as a lobit family!

This thought makes me happy, especially when crying away emotionally while ‘Intronautics’ by The Cryovolcano gives it personal touches of warmth, coldness, humanity and steel roboticness meddling together for a devotional work that might make you ears milk some salty tears…

Couch Crusher is so awesome, I don’t even know where to start! Imagine the coolest sounds that you know off, put them in the garbage and listen to the Couch Crusher instead! With its mechanic crushed couch sounds The Cryovolcano created a real banger to bang your head into a couch with! You can also punch it into a wall, but somehow that seems less fruitful… I don’t know about you people, but as a steady couch surfer I really feel the couch Crusher as waves to surf over! I don’t know if you ever read this interesting interview with The Cryovolcano at our interview section, but if you do; you’ll see The Cryovolcano crushing a couch with his buttocks while wearing a horse his head as a head! So listen with care and in style!

Shavasana is a wonder of mellow gamer dreams with super ideal melodies that elevate, tickle, inspire and feed the ears with the best feeling a mad raver might possibly could wish for. With a great setup The Cryovolcano elevates the tune with big beats, pounding kicks and snarky rattles that will also your face in a beautiful way. The Cryovolcano keeps it brilliantly emo-poppy and sets this detailed tune into the most memorable moody mega electro hit on the album! So good!

Twilight Sleep is the one that feels like it’s closely made in a state of powerful delirium, with a certain energy that you can only receive when having some kind of sleep deprivation; like children who don’t want to go to bed while being extremely overdue; going into a frenzied tantrum with a final energy breakout, until it falls asleep in a unflattering position somewhere on the floor. The Cryovolcano captures this kind of energy and smacks it into a final tune to end this super cool album with! I can’t find the right words to describe how awesome it all is, but I can provide the link so you can hear it simply all with your own ears: (and ears don’t lie!)

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One Response to The Cryovolcano – 012

  1. Linda says:

    It is beautiful!! I’m so sorry, I have been distracted a few weeks and got a bit out of the habit of visiting and commenting. I got side tracked by a little obsession with some other music and found it difficult to keep YIKIS-focus. However, I did check once in a while and have seen the beautiful photo report on the festival in Den Haag, chicken on socks and this beautiful album. Yes, I was at the Floppy Totaal festival and Yes, Cryovolcano brought the place down! What a smacking performance! I had to blink a few times to assure I was not somehow at Gifgrond, as they would have been a perfect fit.

    The previous album, #11, quickly became the brighten-my-day-on-the-desktop of my laptop. The #12 album continues in style. It seems with the second decade of album a pixely approach has been chosen. The songs have become more lofi disco, there seems more focus? Not that I am a Cryovolcano expert, just basing my thoughts on the songs I heard on a zip file closing off the first decade…

    I love it! I like where this is going! Now that I have smothered the obsession keeping me from YIKIS, now I am in doubt whether I’ll dabble in Cyrovolcano or catch up with all other missed YIKIS reviews. I think I’ll stick with #12 (and relistening #11) for a while. As I should give my ears some time to properly listen to those lyrics with a message. 🙂

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