Два Пустых Скафандра – Private Psychodelic Suit

Artist: Два Пустых Скафандра
Title: Private Psychodelic Suit
Keywords: experimental avant-garde experimental electronicminimalism Elektrostal
Label: Minimalist Recs

Два Пустых Скафандра gives us listeners the unique audio version of wearing a private psychodelic suit. This isn’t a business suit, but more one that feels like it transforms your body into a floating sensory deprivation tank in which you can still walk around and explore your own world in. With lengthy sessions of half an hour, Два Пустых Скафандра makes the private time into something really nice, cozy and minimal.

When I went for it, I felt my mind molding into that of a peaceful dolphin, picking up sonar communications from another dolphin that probably also wore this special trip-suit like a second skin. Half way I felt a combo of sweat and watery electrodes bubbling up in the costume-like environment. It was here that I realized that I wasn’t actually wearing anything, but that the music by Два Пустых Скафандра had given me the kind of ‘invisible clothes of the emperor’ treatment by putting hallucinative abilities in it’s music production.

But butt-naked and tripping out of my own skull, or fully dressed and thinking of dolphins and bubbles’ is all fine to me; and should be fine for you too… I mean, just listen to this work and good luck not being hypnotized by it. With music like this to wear and hear, outsiders and their opinions & appearances simply don’t matter any more. It’s just between you, the music and your mind interacting with it in pleasant psychedelic ways. This is probably a case of wonderful music that is actually much more than music. Get your trip suit over at the link & explore it for yourself:

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