Alexia Avina – Surrender EP

Artist: Alexia Avina
Title: Surrender EP
Keywords: experimental montréal ambient dream popdreampop dreamy folk weird Montreal

If Alexia Avina is the one that you need, you might want to surrender to her Surrender EP, cause that’s where she can be found in all might and glory. Well, not in perhaps physical condition but mostly with her glorified voice that swims in the air like an angel that isn’t confined to a body. Who needs a body if without it you can be anywhere at any time? It does has its benefits, yet I’m glad to be just able to point to this EP online as otherwise being a voice that is free from confinement might actually be pretty hard to find…

In any case if you need Alexia Avina singing in your ears (its recommended!) this EP is a really good start to get it done. Even if she just hums or make wordless singing sounds she manages to make you feel like you are under the blessings of some heavily creature, making you feel like it’s all alright and nothing wrong could possible happen when Alexia Avina’s voice is floating around in its colored sound palette.

Of course there is more music to these songs, but these sweet attributions feel to me like backdrop contributions that makes
Alexia Avina’s magical tones even nicer than they already are. Little sparkling sparkles and soft breezes of warmth & sweet strokes on a pair of strings that hold up Alexia Avina in the air like the main provider of all goodness over here. It’s a really nice combination full respect to the angelic expressions, but her voice would be strong enough to even do it’s magical magic without. In any case Alexia Avina’s dreamy voice is here for you and ‘here’ means over at the following link:

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