Brian Eno – Reflection

Artist: Brian Eno
Title: Reflection
Keywords: ambient, electronic, experimental
reviewer: Simon Hit

Today I’m flying at an altitude of 32000 feet and thanks to modern day airplane equipment, listening to Brian Eno’s latest in his series of ambient albums that had started in the good year that is 1975. I don’t know why but the airplane is making a lot of noise today, but the humming buzz of the engine somehow feels like the right hotbed that the Eno’s music is swimming over.

At first I couldn’t even really distinguish the airplane rumble and Eno’s ambient tones, but putting the onboard headphones a bit harder it became much clearer and indeed louder. Also the bass frequencies of this master piece called ‘Reflection’ is making the headphones vibrate; I guess the good ones are in business class and the shitty headphones are in the pauper class that I’m sitting in. Still I do like that the headphones vibrate like a maniac on these lower tones that Brian Eno provides, as it really gives an extra by-effect that goes by the heavy turbulence that the airplane is experiencing.

In a way we are all buzzing, vibrating, zooming and humming & Eno’s pretty higher bell-like heavenly drone tones twirl above it all, as if it’s the peacekeeper in a airplane flight that feels like we can go down any minute while yet being far removed from its destination. Brian Eno manages with the music on Reflection to make me feel less worried that the engines are going to fall off, wings break into pieces and a stewardess will fall and drop a whole bottle of wine over me..

Brian Eno’s Reflection makes a great soundscape that functions greatly as a tranquilizer; ideal to suppress the actual fear of going down with tons of strangers together in a plane & enjoy the flight / attempt to keep the thing flying as if it’s all perfectly in order. Brian Eno’s melodies are there for me, like pretty jet engines that keeps the ship up in the air through keeping calmness as its strength.

It also helps to pass the time and make the grip of my hand on the arm rest loosen up; why so tight and frightened when the Reflection of Brian Eno manages to play the extra jet streams and beautiful warm tones that work as a muscle relaxer. The airplane in trouble at least provides 54 minutes of Eno bliss & if this is the last thing I will ever hear before this plane breaks down in the middle above the ocean; it was a beautiful last soundtrack / album to say my last prayers to & reflect on my life before it ends.

Really, every airplane should be equipped with this fine ambient album, it saved me from walking down the isle like a panicked lunatic screaming stuff like “we going down! We all gonna die!’ And instead made me into a peaceful monk, sitting on the chair while tripping on the Eno movements along with the well matching sounds of the airplane engine; life ain’t bad! And this album isn’t bad either, in fact it’s a life saver!

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