natalie braginsky – 2017

Artist: natalie braginsky
Titoe: 2017
Keywords: experimental ambient garbage gay generativenoise patterns sad tired trans trash New York
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Natalie braginsky’s 2017 nicely balances out the poppy tunes that we have mentioned to brighten your day with over here. Natalie’s total emotional collapse number four is doing this so well, that I wished this track would never left my ears. It might be a bit noisy, but somehow it felt like soft cotton brushes that had been applied into my ears, softly tickling and scratching the inside of the skull, going for that nice mix of pleasure and slight unpleasantness; a perfect balance, really…

.linexp is a five minute+ mix of strange short bursts of electrifying trash. It might be a case of circuit bending, it might be a case of experiment and strange results. But whatever the case, it comes in rhythmic sessions that each time (before you can get a hang of it) is taken time and time again taken away from you. It leaves a frustrating impression, wanting to fully ride those weird noisy rhythmic sessions yet natalie braginsky not allows you too! Unless perhaps if you are a really speedy person; you’ll be riding these electric Noisy bits like a wild bison; yeehaw!

natalie braginsky’s ‘Chelsea’ also comes across like multiple experimental sessions glued to one, but here the content is less rhythmic orientated and more interesting in the listening department. Strange flashy sounds, liquid bits; electric material that passes by in no time. It is nice, as so the release quickly moves into Jordan’s Pocket; what will be going on in there? Apparently (if my ears aren’t deceiving) there is something in Jordan’s pocket that moves around, expands, increases, decreases, sets out, shrinks in and does this all on this set of sounds by natalie braginsky. How convenient!

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