Sleep Column – Drown Overboard

Artist: Sleep Column
Title: Drown Overboard
Keywords: electronic kemerovo harsh noise harsh noise wallhnw noise Russia
Reviewer: Simon Hit

The crackling crinkle sound of Sleep Column’s Drown Overboard is as joyous as putting your head in a bucket of ice and let it stay there for a lengthy amount of time. In a rapid speed you will enter the experience of a brain freeze & the ice pieces will break & crunch around your skull like a happening you won’t really forget, yet might not remember.

Because of the brain freeze the brain might simply adapt so much to its cold surroundings that it becomes one with the icy sound, like one block of frozen meat in itself; freezing all activity, making you feel like a stone attached to a useless body, or simply said more dead then alive. With your head stuck in a bucket of ice and a frozen brain it’s fair to say that you will be drowning; that’s why it’s better to listen to Sleep Column’s Drown Overboard.

Listening to this release is simply much safer, has a almost similar vibe and feel – minus the actual dying and decay of brain cells. (Or so you might hope). Additional benefit is that it’s less cold, perfect for if you’d be the lucky owner of sensitive teeth & aren’t a penguin. All in all the dense crunchy noise sound of Sleep Column is survivable and yet gives listeners the right amount of sound and time to play dead & drown in. Do it over here:

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