Mystified – Sullivan’s City

Artist: Mystified
Title: Sullivan’s City
Keywords: City, experimental, drone
Label: Poor Little Music

Thomas Jackson Park, painter, musician, librarian, prolifician (if that isn’t a real job, it now is), and overall great person is back once again with a cassette/tape. This time it contains 2 long pieces. One on each side. The are named Sullivan’s City Part 1 and Sullivan’s City Part2, just to make your life even easier.

Part 1 starts of with a lot of sounds that seem to have been used in earlier pieces by mystified, but this time around are layered on top of each other. I could make out about 7 or 8 layers which just make the start of the cassette a great ear pleaser. Later in the piece there a lot of more quiet pieces intertwined with a sporadic blow in and blow out of more noisy sounds. Around the quarter of an hour mark, more industrial sounds set in as if you’re making your way through a Victorian steamengine driven factory. Just a bit further, muddy electronics sweep in and even more dark sounds add too a more blackened athmosphere. The last 1/3 of the track gets more easy listening and slowly fades out, urging you to turn the cassette for the second part.



The J-Card art has the same high artistic value as the music contained on the cassette

After getting out of your comfy chair and turning the tape, you’re being overwhelmed by a sheer noise that sets in the second part of the Sullivan’s City tour. This is one of the hardest parts Thomas has made in the last few years probably. It ubruptly stops and is being replaced by sounds that have been threated as if you’ve fallen in to a large nuclear water tank. Later replaced by those beating steam engine sounds of which we’ve heard simmilar sounds in the first part.

This Part 2 is just a lot more noisier and complex and is, at least in our opinion, the best Mystified has released in a long long time. You can listen to it a couple of times and still find new layers and pointers to your imagination.


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