Bernice – Puff EP

Artist: Bernice
Title: Puff EP
Keywords: r&b/soul dream indie pop toronto weird Toronto

Bernice brings some ultimate freshness to the pleasant side of the ears, at first with a techno sniff of fine acid bubbles, music that goes beyond genres all riding the train of danceable grooves. With chilling friendliness and super smoothly done vocal harmonics that all wave so nice into each other. The result is a happy making puff of fine music that will brighten up the grey days and even enlarge the goodness of the brightened blue days!

With nice rhythm and creative freedom this Bernice EP warms up the listeners with a nice mix of musical elements and artifact; a sneakily hint of a trumpet, wobbly pleasant bass, a hit on a teacup, electronic underlying weirdness and prominent harmonic pleasantness by this instrumental voice that feels ‘oh so good’ when you hear it.

The production of this puff EP sounds so well made and fun, all nicely loaded up with creative tricks and adventurous ways that keeps the release worth to hear on repeat & being able to keep on hearing new details and discover new bits that you might have not registered before. It’s so full of things while not sounding busy, making it a lovely ride that tickles for hearing more from where this is coming from! Best ‘puff’ ever!

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