Irrlicht Project – lztek /  Ohrbit Week of Music

Artist: Irrlicht Project
Title: lztek / lztek /  Ohrbit Week of Music
Keywords: electronic, circuit bend, video
Reviewer: Leo Obit

Lately I’ve been browsing around for live sets of my biggest music heroes. So I’ve been flying over YouTube in search for The Cryovolcano’s live performance on the last Floppy Totaal festival (the biggest floppy disk festival in the entire world!), but this one is pretty well hidden, shredded in mystery aka difficult to find… but on the search I found another live video of a legendary artist that I so respect; nobody less than the one and only Irrlicht Project!

This video of Irrlicht Project blasting out his calculated calculator beeps and bops is a fantastic sight & really captures the monumental moment in the middle of the performance. What a colorful highlight of the day this was; the primary colors flashing away in the club that Irrlicht Project blasts his material in! But it was the actual blasts of sound and seeing the mad man and his tools in action that made me want to pull my eyes out of my sockets just to be able to see it even closer than I could do with my nose in the way.

First of all, the amazing calculators that Irrlicht Project uses to generate this rave-worthy stomping music are doing amazing things to Irrlicht Project’s human side. His head simply can’t be still, bumping around like a metal fan who hears its favorite riffs in his most favorite venue. Bopping his neck into a fine whiplash that no doctor at the emergency room had witnessed.

The action that the hand of the music maker is doing is of great concern to me; it’s going in ultimate shaking mode that I only can compare to someone experiencing a heavy showcase of Parkinson disease! It must be the music that Irrlicht Project had invented & is now blasting out to infect others, that makes the producing live performer bopping and shaking!

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