No Peafowls, comingforever Split – No Peafowls / comingforever Split

Artists:No Peafowls, comingforever Split
Title:No Peafowls / comingforever Split
Keywords:black metal metal mexico ambient metal black metal excperimental noise Mexico
Label: Cuerpo Records
Reviewer: Betsy DeVocks

No Peafowls starts this split off with a bizarre work that surprised me upon the early morning. I guess I was expecting some alternative drone ambient music, but No Peafowls had other plans by first giving ‘that’ impression & then quickly taking it away into some kind of hollow cave rock n horror show. With a drum in a huge sounding space and a hollow sounding inhumane sounding voice No Peafowls shoves a unexpected dark blast of energy! It helped as even though I had not been shooting up some hardcore coffee; the surprising unexpected twist of this work woke me up like hell.

When ‘comingforever’ takes over with the second track on this split , it becomes apparent that these two projects are a great fitting match. The song ‘Svarte Natten’ throws in a excellent bulge of hyper drums l, repetitively inviting guitar riffs and a very breathy demonic sounding voice of the lead singer. He sounds quite frightening and I wouldn’t recommend offering him throat pasties as he sounds like (probably encouraged by the music) like the person who find pleasure in beating your face off.

Just on the moment that ‘comingforever’ might be planting in the seeds for a upcoming nightmare, No Peafiwols return. This time it’s sounding like an ‘eye’ for a ‘eye’ , as Peafowls doesn’t stop the angry evil sounding vibe that comingforever had setup. With a loudness and full on crashes this tune frightens me up like I’ve just seen a ghost; jumping out of bed slipping on some clothes and running out of the building without a proper morning ritual. The voice is creepy but it also feels like there is (in combo with the black metal material) a high energy to it. It feels like it’s more efficient to get me up and on the road than a double expresso & a kick in the nuts.

Eradicate’ the last tune on this release and also the last one done by ‘comingforever’, it has a more on the road kind of feel. Not your average road travel, but one road trip with a satanic creature on the backseat breathing heavily in your neck whispering evil sounding vibes into your ears as if you are a troubled psychopath with mental issues. In any case comingforeve and No Peafowls really fitted together over here in the energetic darkness with demonic vocals as their main point of togetherness.

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