Spank Hookers – Insatiable Sexual Lust

Artist: Spank Hookers
Title: Insatiable Sexual Lust
Keywords: ambient atmospheric dark ambient droneelectronic erotic fetish harsh noise noise space musicCorinth
Reviewer: Tom Spanks

The Insatiable sexual Lust of Spank Hookers is prominent in all the sexual tinted releases that this project unleashes on its listeners. With the one named ‘insatiable lust’ it explores a few prominent acts that might (or might not) arouse you. After all sexual lust is pretty personal & in case of Spank Hookers also pretty intense. For this one, Spank Hookers will take your ears away on a erotic stimulating scene of ‘ice play’ in which the sexual sounding compositions is full with build ups of high arousal, it’s a on the edge experience of Icy warmth and stimulation of the sexy parts in a heavy sensational way that goes towards climaxes and always goes down before the sexual mission is fully completed.

If ice play wasn’t already cool enough for you, Spank Hookers also has a way with a fetish worthy session of pure ‘watersports’ , it’s a really wet making exposure that sounds as if a micro microphone had catches the act of urination with microscopic precision and looped and enlarged it for our eargasms. The water sports is sexually tinted by a female whose stimulation words and sexy noises are squeezed all over the nonstop intense water flirtations. It isn’t my kind of arousing material but if you are into this kind of games you might as well tune in and pee along…

Another extremity that is covered here by Spank Hookers is the act of Erotic Strangulation. Hearing it might strangle your ears with its intensely intrusive noise that is warm and fluffy & yet all destroyingly harsh. The session is extreme and long and might be a real reason to hallucinate; I heard long intensive strokes which might be referring to the act of sexual interaction or someone trying to get a grip onto some fresh breathable oxygen.

Even all these tracks are pretty straight forward to their arousing stimulations, the final one on this album is the most concrete one. It’s a clear session of ‘Bound to the Bed While She Rides Him to Exquisite Orgasm’ with the stimulating sounds being clearly covering the act of this magical ride, documenting wetness, speed and dedication to completion. This must be the most pleasantly arousing work on this release that is also enjoyable when you are not being tickled by extremities like strangulation, golden showers or ice play. In any case, Spank Hookers pretty much succeeds to convert ‘specialty’ sexy times/fetishes into audio tracks, so don’t watch porn but go for these artistic soundtracks instead:

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