Calvin LeCompte – ZAGAT Rated EP

Artist: Calvin LeCompte
Title: ZAGAT Rated EP
Keywords: pop, Florida

A long while ago, exactly on the following date and time ’11/24/2016 14:36:47′ we had received this review request of the ZAGAT Rated EP by Calvin LeCompte. Since it’s arrival at our inbox it has been sitting for a while reading magazines, taking out free paper bags of water to sip & occasionally went to the toilet to release the converted water at the designated place.

It took us some while to notice the ZAGAT Rated EP, living for months in the waiting room while other release came in and went out. The morning the cleaner had stumbled over the EP and told me that it had been here for a long time and had not enjoyed a descent shower or a good sleep since was not so long ago. Apparently the ZAGAT Rated EP simply had slipped through the net and now had a Santa Claus-ish beard that started to smell not so freshly.

The lovely cleaner took the ZAGAT Rated EP home knowing that nobody of the reviewers (me neither!) would be happy receiving the unshaven unclean forgotten goody into their offices. At least not if it was smelling like a dead cat as it would have left a permanent stench on our designer furniture. Anyway to make the long story short; the cleaner took it home, washed it, scrubbed it with love, fed it fresh meals and milk & cookies, gave it a fresh haircut and shaved away the beard… and… yes… married it! They have been a long loving couple ever since and the stories of deep romance between the cleaner and this EP has been a real romantic joy to hear coming from the cleaner.

Apparently the ZAGAT Rated EP had been singing to the cleaner everyday at home, even playing music while the cleaner cooked and cleaned the household on the cleaner’s day off. You thought that the Cleaner would be very happy to bring the fresh smelling and good looking ZAGAT Rated EP back to the ‘yeah I know it sucks’ office to finally be reviewed in a positive matter… but unfortunately that didn’t exactly happen… apparently the cleaner got a little over protected, locked the ZAGAT Rated EP up at home when not there, and told me that it simply loved the ZAGAT Rated EP so much that sharing it with others would feel like it would damage the wedding vowels.

So with pain in my heart I’m unable to bring you a useful review of the ZAGAT Rated EP, but do know (from the cleaner’s personal account) that it’s lovely and caring & certainly in a good condition.

Pssssh… don’t tell the cleaner but you can find the ZAGAT Rated EP over at the link… it is hoping to be saved from the cleaner’s obsessive selfish claws:

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