various artists – HNW

Artist: various artists
title: HNW
Keywords:experimental harsh noise harsh noise wallharshnoise harshnoise wall hnw United Kingdom
Label: Harsh Noise Movement
Reviewer: extremely drunk Simon Hit

With 30 solid Harsh noise walls you should be able to build yourself a castle. One that doesn’t need a pool around it with swimming crocodiles to keep unwelcome people away, as… well… you know… Harsh Noise is pretty much the material in Walls that will be the stable solution to keep either the bad crowds out, or keep them in.

30 solid Harsh Noise Walls is exactly what this enormously popular compilation has to offer, materials that fit anyone with DIY ideas and readiness to build things with these walls; the possibilities are pretty much endless. I had used some of the Harsh Noise Walls to build me a shed, outside toilet cabin and a dog house & I can tell you that they worked perfectly.

But with still so many Harsh Noise Walls available on this mega compilation there can be lots more things to be build. I’m
Thinking of a temple, a harsh noise wall church that will crackle and sizzle through all the weather situations, stand firmly in any season… the thing with this mega compilation is that the provider (Harsh noise movement) has perfectly selected all the pieces for being straightforward Harsh Noise Walls; any deficiencies or oddities had been taken out just to give a listener the concrete Harsh noise Walls that they had been promised.

This is a beautiful stable selection that will bring happiness to every Harsh Noise Wall lover who is in need for the finest Harshest Noise Walls at the same place… this is for you:

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