Yowie – Synchromysticism

Artist: Yowie
Title: Synchromysticism
Keywords:experimental math rock hella math rock no wavenoise rock post-rock prog progressive rock St. Louis

Upon following the link to Synchromysticism by Yowie you might be wondering; oh my gosh so many supporters of this album; this can’t be good! But once you hit that ‘play’ button you quickly remove your arrogant underground attitude in which you find music only cool when only you and a dead chicken have heard about it; cause damn this is pretty much mayhem in a strategic good way!

In fact to see so many supporters for this album should give scientists a glimpse of hope; there are still lots of awesome people with hideously good taste out there & that they all seem to have found this album before us; pretty much amazing scientifically speaking!

But back to the album; wowa, it’s so good and nifty! It sucks you straight in, throws all your resistance out of the window and turns you into a frenetic mad-person trying to pogo away on these wickedly weird sources of madness in energy form. Yowie throws you from one corner into the next, upside down, on the floor, walls and ceiling; this army of mathematical guitar and beats isn’t just a technical showcase; it’s like a psychopathic beast slamming your face, picking you up by the head and slamming you all over the place.

Let’s say it’s smart thoughtful aggression, well calculated to get to you by a full nonstop surprise after surprise! Like a boxer going for kicks and upper cuts that you won’t be able to see coming! It rolls you up and push you through the isle, slams those drumsticks like a freaky freak show on your bewildered skull and let you eat all these wild riffs until you have to spit out your teeth.

It’s so gritty, effectively slam dunking any shot from every possible angle. Wow, one of these supporters on the page wrote ‘this album is unreal’ and if I didn’t hear it all for myself I would pretty much have thought the same thing! Lucky for us this is a rollercoaster of wild excellence that simple keeps on giving every inch, second and millisecond; one big blast! Ridiculously good!

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