B6rB6P6P6 – weirdness saved me from normal

Artist: B6rB6P6P6
Title: weirdness saved me from normal
Keywords:electronic experimental psychedelic avant-gardeDordrecht

Weirdness saving people from normality? In this case the music delivered here by Arno Pelzer might be a life saver! A nicely done sound brew of live recordings on a Randomly Tuned and Prepared Guitar, Samples, Keys, Electronics and Production. The resulting audio is pretty dark and staying on the surface of the true underground. Like a improvised soundscape somewhere played in the many sewer pipelines underneath the ground.

But don’t worry the weirdness gets even stranger and more concrete in it’s oddness with ‘blood and electronics and death’. It’s like a blending mix of a dream and a nightmare. Imagine a beautiful witch hammering your carcass into a wooden coffin while pretty music flirts around as decoration. But if this is all too absurd and untouchable for your taste, you might be more pleased with the more concrete sounding ‘subspace 9’. It’s still very twilight zone orientated, but with it’s breakbeat and slight ambient tones it’s one of the more digestible pieces on this release.

On it there is also a dismembered reconstructed version of ‘weirdness saved me from normal’ track. Somehow this one too becomes more ‘normal’ and easy going. Perhaps it’s not that the music becomes more normal, but maybe we get so used to being subjected to weirdness that weirdness becomes the new normal. The dismemberment version seems to shimmer away and has all the beneficial effects of a listenable soundscape with stimulating artifacts. Even the grungier bits made me feel like a relaxed and seduced listener; full comfort digging up all the weird normalities.

But don’t worry, the music gets more weird again in the very lengthy ‘idiot savant’ track. With repeated worldly bits and a snarling guitar session that gets rewarded with a energetic rhythm at the end, something that only a demonic mumbling voice seem to be able to stop.

A very nice surprise on this release is the appearance of ‘Goldplated Earth’, it’s a hypnotic session of warm organic sound that feels like a blend of a vampire playing a organ at night (atmospherically nice and slowly) and background sounds that made me think of a ghosts with iron shackles stumbling around… it’s very interesting I would say! Arno Pelzer keeps the listeners on their toes when bringing a ‘shapeshifter’ version of the album title track. This sound session is much louder than all the other material on the release, still shimmering away in guitar improvisation but yet deafening in a soup of distorted distortion.

The creatively maladjusted is the last session on this weirdo session and becomes a nice mix and match of rhythm, nice flowing mellowness that turns into a heavy breakbeat session that feels perfect to dance on in a freaky kind of way. A nice energy to end this potentially life saving release with. You can hear and check it all out over here:

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