Donna Greenberg – Reflections

Artist: Donna Greenberg
Title: Reflections
Keywords: jazz, sing songwriter

I’ve been hovering over the music video for Canadian singer / songwriter Donna Greenberg’s ‘reflections’ for a pretty long while. The visuals and the style of it intrigued me as it felt so perfect for a opener of a sensational success series, something with mystery, drama, science fiction, investigations…. something like the X-Files, but obviously pretty different. The atmosphere, the textual typography, the colors; it all would fit such a purpose perfectly & somehow I kept on hoping that the actual series would start each and every time I had spun this music video.

When it finally sunk in that this was it; I truthfully still hope that some television producer would watch and hear ‘Reflections’ and get inspired enough to write a whole series for it. I would watch it… In fact I would probably binge watch it if Donna Greenberg’s music would also be frequently used into the storylines, or to compliment or spice up the scenes in each of the episodes. I mean, listen to ‘stranger’ and tell me it wouldn’t suit a classy scene in which the television audience gets introduced to a strange character. (Let’s hope it’s not the strange sock puppet guest from the Being Frank Show)

So what can we say, Donna Greenberg’s voice and songwriting skills are classy, lush and sultry; the music is grand and luxurious sounding. She has multiple albums out and also does covers, so her work is pretty much flexible. You can find more about her over at her official website:

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