Vybbtuan – Elixen

Artist: Vybbtuan
Title: Elixen
Cat: (NJMP3-0435)
Keywords: glitch, chiptune, hardcore, breakcore
Label: Noise-Joy https://archive.org/details/@alexspalding&tab=uploads
Reviewer: Furchick

This re-release Vybbtuan – Elixen (NJMP3-0435) is exactly what I needed after spending most of my morning on hold for various government departments and getting nowhere. I seriously needed some cheering up so I thought what can help and then I remembered that I needed to write this. I have listened quite a few times so now pen to paper.

I believe this was originally released on Noise-Joy on cassette and now its out for everyone to access.

Its tagged as Glitch, Hardcore, Chiptune, Breakcore … not all my favourite genres…. but this is different. The chip tune makes is way more cute and fun. The trouble with most Glitch/Hardcore/Breakcore artists is that they seem to take themselves way too seriously, but with Vybbtuan the cute fun chip tunes sounds seem like they are taking the piss. I guess they probably are. Heading off on tangents and crazy beats. This is whacky and fun. So many little surprises and I find myself dancing around and housework suddenly becomes fun.

This is experimental in the sense that its taking familiar genres, chucking them all in a big bag and then they are spilling out into something new and exciting.

Do yourself a favour and get ready to dance and then be thrown off and you might end up doing some weird kind of robotic interpretive dance.


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