Anilore – Lull

Artist: Anilore
Title: Lull
Keywords: ambient autumnal dream pop shoegaze shoegaze folk acoustic acoustic shoegaze ambient folk autumnautumnal shoegazing New York

Anilore’s Lull has the potential to Lull a listener into a comfortable sleep. With the mind on the music that sounds like it has all the time of the world, Anilore gives the Icy sound and feel of a winterish wonderland in lulling audio form. With pleasant slow notes on a piano, strokes on a guitar or lulling ambient soundscapes to chill out in, it feels all a bit like a lulling blanket to crawl under with the outside covered in layers of pretty snow. it’s cozy lulling music that passes by way too quickly, yet does it in such a calm way that it feels like it’s lulling forever.

It’s Anilore’s lulling voice that is the angel dust on top of these wintering wonders of Lull tracks, they sound like wandering snowflakes flying through the blue icy sky. I want it to take me away to a place warner, sunny days of summer or a tropical paradise; but for the time being this Lull music and sung words are a great blanket to keep warm under.

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